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February 2005

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purple e/s profile

my journal is now friends only...

i have no beef with e-stalkers (and frankly find it flattering), so please comment here if you'd like me to add you- but if you don't plan on ever reading what i have to say, then i really don't want you to be able to. this journal is my outlet, please respect that.


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i'm on the inside track! oh baby, oh baby ;)

heyguesswhat, i'm going down to phoenix in july for my mother's graduation (hurray for masters degree)... whatcha doing for the summer?
omgomgomg you're gonna be in phoenix!!!!!!!!!!!

we WILL be hanging out, end of discussion. yaaaaaaay so excitedddddddd
Adddd meee. Oh wait..
hey, i actually added you awhile ago but i don't think you ever added me back. i'm not sure if you even saw my comment originally, but that was when you were on the road going to arizona. in any case, i think you're interesting, so feel free to add me. :)
done =)


add me.

Re: addition.

done =)
add me!
done =)
I would like to stay if thats ok.
of course, vic my dear.
I'd like to stay as well, you're very interesting:)
np =)
Yeah, I realized that my ex reads my livejournal. I never had a livejournal when we were together, but I guess I had the link posted in my Yahoo profile.

Anyways, it's kind of weird and sometimes annoying because it gives him the opportunity to make comments that pertain to my life. For awhile I couldn't figure out how he always timed his reappearance around when my life wasn't very together... I finally realized he must read my journal.

Anyways. <3.

So, I'm going to be visiting people in Flagstaff at the end of February. I'm only telling you this because I'm also going to my friend's show at the Marquee on Saturday (the 26th). You should go if you want to meet me! I know I'd like that since we totally missed each other in Seattle. :)
northside kings???

and yes, we WILL hang out. can't miss our second opportunity!

add me?

heyy.. add me plz?

Re: add me?

sure =)
those "e-stalkers" are weird... Iv only had like 2, cause im not Molly McCoolness :P everyone wants to be your friend :)
well too bad one person has to be lame and ruin it.... =(
I hear you. I'm tired of posts becoming Ms. Anonymous's opportunity to be a shitbag. my lj is catharsis for me, don't go out and turn into something about you.

I've even started making posts just visible to me. post on that douchebag.
yeah, i've done that a few times. the worst part is i'm pretty sure i know who it is, and i can't say i've ever been twofaced like that before. oh well.

are you gonna be at home for the next few hours? im gonna call as soon as the superbowl is over and i can leave work.
Pretty please add me miss molly
so how do you get e-stalkers?

It must be a female thing LOL
I found you through a friend of a friend of a friend...and I'm on an adding spree : )
Heya, not too sure how I found you, but you seem pretty cool. Will you add me? ♥

Add me please? I love reading your journal :)

I come bearing questions, but no gifts. Not even frankensence.

I'm a friend of halcyon_ardency and he suggested I get in touch with you about the Sales/Support position at Go Daddy, since I'm considering an offer of employment there. I have another job that's offering a position that doesn't pay as much in the long run and doesn't look like it has the growth opportunities GD provides.

Unfortunately, all I've heard from former GD employees are horror stories about the management and how awful the sales reps are treated. Mikey suggests otherwise. I'm confoosed. What say you?
well, i've worked in a few call centers, and out of them all it's the best... doesn't change that it's still a call center. you can't put salt on cardboard and call it tasty. i think this company goes above and beyond to reward the hard workers though. you'll know right away if you're right for the job. it's way more sales than it is tech, so keep that in mind. i like the job, but am looking for a way to get off the call floor... i DO want to stay within the company, though.
I was journal browsing and ran into yours. You seem fun and interesting... add me?
sure will, just make sure to add me back. =)

Re: add me!?

of course =)

you've got some catching up to do!!
im in awe of you. please add me. :)
wow, how could i say no to that?
hey, im the head mod at the_glamorous, as well as trying to get into hotxcore, which you had given me a yes :thank you:, i think your gorgeous and wanted to invite you to come join our community. we are rapidly growing everyday with tons of active members. please consider. hope to see you there :D
Congradulations on getting accepted at the_glamorous
Apply here pleaseeee ♥
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
New community, we need members to get it active and we have 3 auto-accepts left so go apply!
please add me! I would LOVE to be your e-stalker!
done and done =)
I saw you in another community and I think you're just gorgeous!
You should come join amazinglyhot!
I think you would make an amazing addition to our community!
Hope to see you there! ♥
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