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February 2005

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i'm beginning to think the entire resource management team for the greater phoenix area needs a swift kick in the ass.

i really find it funny that the city of phoenix has demoted it's Water Services Manager Mike Gritzuk for issuing the boil water order, causing undue panic and mistrust in the SRP water quality. that looks to me like a desperate act of last minute blame shifting, trying to satisfy the public's need to point a finger at someone. what a joke.

ever so shortly after dealing with this water crisis, there are a few thousand people now without natural gas (ie heat, hot water, cooking ability). of course, the city is placing blame (perhaps correctly) on southwest gas, and i've heard a report of them filing a suit for negligence. le sigh.

this city's governing bodies are losing my respect rather quickly. it seems that they're quick to point blame and such after the fact, yet what are they doing to be proactive? what steps are they taking to ensure things of this nature don't happen in the future? none that i've seen. if they are, perhaps that's what they should publicize rather than the demotion of management on staff at the time of a crisis.


It's amazing how being in a position where you actually get to hear the city's unjust problems, makes you hardened to their plea's of "We're trying, I swear"

I feel for you, I work in the Media! We're no holds bar against corruption, and sadly it's WAY too commonplace in our societies.

But then again, where your occupation thrives on the smooth pace of a disaster-less world... My occupation thrives on tragedy and taking down "The Man".