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February 2005

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so the city of phoenix is in the throws of a water contamination problem. they're making a pretty big deal about it too. all i've been hearing since sunday is BOIL YOUR WATER OMGWTFBBQ!!!!1 they're saying it's "sediment" in the water from a storm which i think is c-r-a-p crap. speaking of crap, that's probably whats in the water. as if they'd tell you to boil all water for 5 minutes if it was just some dirt. it's poo!!!! we're drinking and bathing in sewer water! ew.


no shit(?)


corpses IN THE CANALS.

Re: no shit(?)



but how did you know you stole my heart?

Re: true


Re: true

I mean, how can't you?

Re: true

me and my friend tiffany were gonna come out to your cafe on thursday but we decided to stay in tempe and go to some burros instead. plus i wasn't even sure if you'd be there...

Re: true

"my friend tiffany and I" teeheee...j/k! hey I followed that link you put up to bob [parsons]'s blog and left a message..I guess like the next day his son sean called up and said they'd come by and give us some business, etc etc...left his message with my employee but I've been to busy to call him back. :)

so I pretty much work graveyards, thur-sun, but I'm also there other times...you can always call down at the place and ask for me or sms/text message me: drecell@vtext.com


poo is sediment in the water quality industry

2 words.

Bottled Water.
yeh, with bottled water you only have to worry about disgruntled employees pissing and shitting in the water...you know I wonder how our species managed to evolve and survive for millions of years without water treament facilities..I guess that was before the advent of "civilization" and the even more abominable "industry" which eventually lead to the contamination of once clean running streams and rivers... :)

by the way

you were totally on point, y0

Q: What contaminated the Phoenix water system?

Fecal matter from animals that caused turbidity, or imperceptible dirtiness, and was not chlorinated because three of five water treatment plants in Phoenix weren't working.

from: http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/0125water-qa-ON.html

Re: by the way

damn i'm good

Re: by the way

apparently so ;p
fountain hills didnt get hit with contamination, but they were warned that boiling their water would be smart since their reserve supply comes from phoenix...
i smell beaver fever.

ps: that was a vagina reference.
I saw you on the east valley community, hope you don't mind I added you