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February 2005

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last night was entertaining to say the least. it was the bradshaw family christmas party (ben's mom's side of the family). his mom, debbie, was in charge of the nights festivities and put on quite the wholesome family event. all went on without a hitch aside from when she announced to the entire party that ben and i were among freshly engaged. i was wondering at first if she knew something i didn't... but then thought perhaps it's her not-so-subtle way of dropping hints that she'd prefer we didn't live in sin. i turned about seven shades of red, but got a giggle out of the whole thing.

after that on the way home, ben asked that we make an unexpected detour to tempe town lake and i gladly obliged. we walked through the park holding hands, admiring the christmas lights strung through the trees, just each enjoying the company of the other. i looked at him, and found myself smiling the way i did when we first met, giddy at the fact that i found someone that means so much to me. he's got my heart in his pocket (sometimes i wonder if he really knows that or not). the lake was beautiful, the lights on the bridge relfected down like a mirror and the stars were out in full force. the air was chilly but not too cold. holding him close kept me as warm as i needed. evenings like this remind me why it's so incredible to be in love.


thats so beautiful. my guy and I are in a ldr and he's over there in scottsdale and I'm hoping to get over there soon and be with him. <3 love is amazing
Aww, I'm so happy for you two. Silly moms... Sounds like a wonderful night, though.
...and then i peed in the lake, trying my best to spell out her name. im a hopeless romantic.