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February 2005

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another weekend leaves me in the throws of monday, already a foot in the door. it went by too quickly as i spent the better part of the weekend in tucson. the drive wasn't as long as i had anticipated, and a little more plain than i had imagined. other than an ostrich farm, the terrain wasn't any different than my morning drive to work. tucson had a small town feel which i hadn't really felt since driving through the farmlands of petaluma. things weren't as fast there, there were no overpasses and there were pine trees dotting the medians. the elevation is higher and i suppose that's a little more like i had imagined northern arizona, rather than southern. there were similarities, signs in spanish, the same golden-orange, pink and purple sunset across the horizon and the warm evening air that doesn't shock your senses. it has the same delicate appeal that i've come to know in my new home. tucson, amid it's slower pace, also wasn't trying to kid anyone about where it was. it was in the desert and it boasted that fact with rocky orange landscapes with cactus gardens instead of the green lawns and flowerbeds. tucson was different than scottsdale- it wasn't trying desperately to be california.


hearing you talk about Tucson is kinda funny, you just visted and you were in Awe, I lived here to 10 years and it just upsets me. Though I'm glad you like the town and enjoyed it.
I love Tuscon... much for the reasons you listed above. But I love the landscape of Fountain Hills more than anywhere I have ever been. It's the fakeness of the uppity rich folks (more so than the town itself) that drives me to the brink of insanity if I stay more than 4 days.

On a side note, your writing needs to be seen by more people than just your LJ viewers... Just a thought, cuz I love reading your words. It helps me open up and share my words with others nearby.